40 Day Wellness Immersion

Winter Solstice Class

Celebrate the silence. The dormant seed, the resting of the wood before it begins to burn and transform.

Plant your seeds. Sit in the depths and the darkness and honor as it begins to grow. It is the shortest time of day light -- the longest time of darkness. And it is a tipping point of change.

All of life. All of nature will eventually reach its darkest moment. In those moments there is a choice to die or a choice to live. On this day of quiet celebration, we honor the divine light and fire to live. For it is only a moment that the darkest time provails.

Honor your darkness -- plant the seed in depths of it.

Know that light is on its way.

Proceeds from this class will benefit the F!GHT ON -- part of the Forces United and Mission OM Foundation's program to reduce veteran suicide.


The Journey Begins January 15, 2017


It's time. It's time to invest in you. It's time to design the lifestyle that you want.

Are you tired of setting the same goals each year?

Are you busy and stressed -- having panic attacks in traffic? 

Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day -- or at the beginning before it starts?

Are you struggling with chronic pain, emotional stress or are you just Flat. Out. Drained?

Do you tell yourself that you NEED to start focusing on you?

It's time to stop living in a way that doesn't work for you!

Plant the seeds for your success –  reach your fullest potential!

Stop Settling!

Join our

 40 Day Wellness Immersion and Coaching Program 

at Evans Yoga Room.


1. Practice yoga regularly  - 3 times a week at the studio.

2. Exercise at home (for at least 20 minutes) on some of the days you are not in the studio.
(This could be brisk walking, yoga, hiking, weight training, running.) 


3. Prepare and eat whole foods. 


4. Remove clutter and toxins (physical, mental or emotional) from your life.


5. Meditate for at least 5 minutes each day.


Research suggests that your health and quality of life would improve.

Your brain would change.  Your body would move better. Your reaction to stress would shift.




Our Wellness Immersion and Coaching Program will teach you how to do all of this.

When you Enroll in this program we will challenge you to practice in the studio at least 3 times a week AND attend our Master Class Coaching Series, a series of 3 workshops to educate and support your journey.

You will feel inspired! Receive support and help others who are also on this path!



Each class includes group coaching and support followed by the day's teaching topic.

1. Kick Off Orientation

Sunday, January 15 - 3:45pm - 5:45pm

Set your goals and learn the basics needed for the 40 Day Immersion. 


Receive a FREE postural alignment treatment to prepare your body for the challenge.

(Must RESERVE in advance by emailing us your name at info@evansyogaroom.com)

2. Clean Out the Clutter: A Mind-Body Cleanse

Sunday, January 29 - 3:45pm- 5:45pm

Eliminate toxins, stress and clutter in your diet, your physical environment and your mind. Set up a strategy and system of accountability to implement your plan.

3. Troubleshoot Your Home Practice

Sunday, February 12 - 3:45pm - 5:45pm

Learn common yoga poses and how to build a solid home yoga practice from start to finish.

We'll give you printouts that you can customize and make your own.


4. Immersion Finale

Thursday, February 23 -  8:00pm - 8:45pm

Celebration, Awards and Giveaways


When you enroll in this journey, you will have support from like-minded friends

through our private Wellness Immersion Facebook Group.

Your teachers will send you their best tips to help you along and we will hold you accountable to your intentions with our workshops and coaching sessions.

When you get stuck or tired we will be here to keep you on track.


Just to give you something to look forward to (besides changing your life), when you complete the challenge, you will be entered to win a FREE Manduka yoga mat and a FREE individual yoga therapy, healing, or consultation session with Kim.


We will also have surprise give-aways throughout the 40 Days to keep you motived.

but.... improving your life is the real REWARD.




Enrollment details are below.

Confused? or Questions? 

Just email or call: 704-749-4328

If you already purchased a class pass package, you can put it on hold to

join our 40 Day Immersion Plan for only $100!

(We'll also start your membership TODAY and extend it through the end of February for an even SWEETER deal!


Option 1 Wellness Immersion Plan

Unlimited yoga classes at Evans Yoga Room and 3 Master Classes during the Wellness Immersion. We'll put your current plan on hold during the 40 days.

We'll start you today and extend your membership through the end of February!






Option 2 *New* 30 Days for $30 Membership Plan

Unlimited yoga classes at Evans Yoga Room and 3 Master Classes during the Wellness Immersion. After your 30 day trial ends, this plan automatically enrolls you in our Unlimited Membership for only $69 a month.

You may cancel at any time, but will need to stay a member through the second month to complete the Wellness Immersion.






Option 3

If you are already a member (BOGO Monthly Pass) and did not give one of your months as a gift,

this Wellness Immersion is FREE to you! All you need to do is enroll! Simply click on the Enroll Me button below and we'll send you a welcome email with instructions early next week.

(If you gifted a month or received a month as a gift, look at our Wellness Immersion Option 1.)







Confused? or Questions? 

Just email or call: 704-749-4328


Questions and Answers

I purchased a BOGO Monthly Pass. Can I participate and attend all of the classes and workshops with that pass?

Yes. You are completely covered! Just be sure to enroll so we can send you the details.

However, if you gifted one month to someone else, you will want to either choose Option 1 or Option 3 once your month ends.

I purchased a  BOGO 5 Class Pass. Can I still participate?

Yes. You can select Option 1 and put your class passes on hold. The 10 classes is not enough to get you through the 40 Day program.

I just purchased the 30 Days for $30 Membership. Can I still participate?

Yes. This program is included in your membership. Just be sure to enroll.

I want to participate but can't make one of the weekend Master Classes. What should I do?

Make sure that you attend the in-studio classes as well as all of the other workshops. If you already have personal or work commitments during one of the workshops please email us and let us know.  We will record the class so that you can view it and make it up. If you want to be entered to win the prizes you will have to write up a short summary of the recording. ;-)

40 Day Wellness Immersion

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