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Thai Yoga Therapy

Training + BONUS Practicum

November 16, 17, 18

Training Details

This 3 day training will teach you the basics of Thai Yoga Therapy and how to safely use it with friends, family or in your professional practice.


Thai Yoga is also known as Nuad Boran. It is an ancient, spiritually-based practice with compassion and a desire to help others at its core. It is an energy system in which the practitioner uses rhythemic stretching, rocking, pressure, compression, traction and other hands-on techniques to move energy along 'Sen' lines of the body.


Sen lines are the energy lines of the body found in many eastern traditions.






Who should take this training? 

Simply, it is for those who want to help others feel better in their body.

This training is open to everyone but can help professionals expand their repertoire services and UP-LEVEL their business. It is especially helpful for:


energy workers

yoga teachers 

massage therapists

coaches + fitness professionals


(PTAs + COTAs)

occupational + physical therapists


It is ALSO perfect for the mother who wants to reconnect with her tween or teen using soothing touch. Or, for couples who want to enhance their physical and intimate relationship.


The professional manual offers a picture tutorial along with a written description of the sequence taught in the training. Since the practice takes place and is taught on the floor, you will need the physical ability to sit, kneel and transition between positions. No other previous experience is needed.


What will I learn?

During this training you'll learn foundational concepts of the Thai Yoga Therapy and how to perform a full body 90-minute floor sequence on healthy individual. The techniques can be applied to your work in full or in part. 

Logistics and Daily Schedule

Training times are below and held at Evans Yoga Room.

Class will begin on time, so it is important that you arrive 10 - 15 minutes early to set up. 

6 - 9p        Friday, Nov. 16

9a - 6p    Saturday Nov. 17

9a - 6p     Sunday Nov. 18

Short breaks with complimentary tea will be available each day. Class will break for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. The studio has hot water, a microwave and refrigerator available for use. However, please refrain from eating foods with a strong or lingering odor.


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Full Pricing + Registration


 $495 for the weekend.

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Includes Electronic and Paper Manual.

Class Details

Nov. 28 - Dec. 19

6:30p - 8:30p

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Take a break from the holiday hustle. Take time our for yourself, so that you can give to others. Feel better in your body and help others do the same.


Each week during this joyful and nurturing 2-hour class you will learn the art of giving and receiving the ancient practice of Nuad Boran or Thai Yoga Therapy. You will be guided through a sequence of assisted stretches, acupressure, compression, traction, energy work and more. Each person will both give and receive every session.


As the giver you will practicing connecting through nonverbal communication. You will be taught how to gently stretch, and move your body through a series of postures that are similar to some yoga poses. For those who have experience with Thai or take the Thai Yoga Training, you will refine your skills, practice with a variety of body types and receive coaching and feedback from Kim. (This will be used as a practicum for those who are taking the training.)

As the receiver, you will practicing safely letting go as your partner helps you stretch and relax tired muscles, release physical and emotional tension and move through energetic blocks.


Class Structure

Yoga mats and blankets are arranged on the floor for each group of two. The receiver rests comfortably on the mat, fully clothed, while the giver moves them through a guided sequence of stretches and hands-on mobility techniques.  The sequence will last about 45 minutes. Then after a short break, the pair will switch places. This 4 Week Series is about taking time away from the business of life. It is not a professional training, but an experiential class where you'll learn how to truly connect, give and receive with others

Each week will focus on a different physical theme such as reducing low back pain, freeing up the neck and shoulders and breathing with ease. You'll leave each session feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, stretched out and better in your body!


This is a hands-on practice which requires care and safety for each participant's wellbeing. Ultimately, you will learn how to deeply honor another human through healthy, consenting, healing touch.

In order to participate, you need a level of fitness that allows you to move up and down off of the floor. You also need to tolerate a quadruped position (hands and knees). Blankets and props are available for your comfort. 

Come alone and get paired up. Or come with a partner, spouse, family member, friend or teenager.

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For questions, or to book a private treatment session with Kim, send an email to

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