I Can't Do Yoga — I'm Not Flexible

November 4, 2016




"I should be doing yoga, BUT...." (Fill in any of your 10 excuses.) 


Listen, we get it. We've been there.


You want to give it a try. You can't touch your toes. You are not flexible. You can't do what the people in the gym are doing and the classes are moving WAY too fast! 


We have heard it all!


That is why at Evans Yoga Room, we offer an ongoing Yoga Beginner Series, as well as Beyond Beginner classes! 


During the six week series we address ALL of your concerns! You will feel confident learning the basic postures and how to adapt them to YOUR body. Each week you will learn a bit more so you will continue to grow and progress. (If you miss a class, you will still be OK. You can make it up and we will fill you in on what you missed.)


You will feel freedom in your back and less tension in your shoulders. You will also get an introduction to breathing techniques, yoga etiquette, and have the opportunity to ask any and all question that you want. 


All of our yoga teachers have been trained in the Mission OM Method of Yoga — which means all of our yoga classes are: 


Adaptable: Yoga is available to everyone. If a movement doesn't feel right for you, we can show you how to do it another way that does!


Sustainable: You will learn a variety of sequences and choices to help avoid repetitive stress injury from doing too much of one thing.


Breath-Centered: Because, really, without the breath, you are just doing calisthenics.

After the series ends you can attend:

- Beyond Beginner Class

- Any of our Regular Classes

- Or the Beginner Series Again!


Our next Beginner Series is starting soon — please join us! The series officially kicks-off 11/7 and will run weekly to 12/23. If you begin this week, you get one extra class! Lucky you!

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