Your Practice. Your Purpose.

June 9, 2014

Your Practice. Your Purpose. This is our motto at Evans Yoga Room. Be prepared. We will be telling you, “This is your practice!”  “Make it your own.”


Your Practice. What does that mean?


You decide how your body moves. You decide how deep you go. You decide how much you want to push. We will help you with cues, suggestions and options, but ultimately we are teaching you how to fish, not prepping your meal.


Your Purpose. This the reason that you do what you do.


In yoga, your purpose is called a sankulpa. It is the WHY. It’s not the goal, but the reason behind the goal. It’s not the mission, but the fuel behind the mission. Your purpose is highly personal and we at Evans Yoga Room honor that.


You may practice yoga for strength, flexibility, or you may come to yoga for healing or relaxation. Whatever the reason, it’s yours.


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