"I should be doing yoga, BUT...." (Fill in any of your 10 excuses.)  Listen, we get it. We've been there. You want to give it a try. You can't touch your toes. You are not flexible. You can't do what the people in the gym are doing and the classes are moving WAY too fast!  We have heard it all! That is why at Evans Yoga Room, we offer an ongoing Yoga Beginner Series, as well as Beyond Beginner classes!  During the six week series we address ALL of your concerns! You will feel confident learning the basic postures and how to adapt them to YOUR body. Each week you will learn a bit more so you will continu...

It’s a quiet revolution in an unlikely town. It’s a yoga revolution.

The way yoga is being taught, and practiced throughout the CSRA is in sharp contrast to the way it is expressed in many yoga markets. Many similarly sized communities are oversaturated with hot yoga, power yoga, trendy yoga. 

Here in Augusta, yoga is just starting to take off — to take shape. The way it is being taught is interestingly genuine. Surprisingly authentic — breath-based and student-focused. The teachers who are sharing this tradition within the few studios that exist, have an understanding of the delicacy and power of the practice...

Your Practice. Your Purpose. This is our motto at Evans Yoga Room. Be prepared. We will be telling you, “This is your practice!”  “Make it your own.”

Your Practice. What does that mean?

You decide how your body moves. You decide how deep you go. You decide how much you want to push. We will help you with cues, suggestions and options, but ultimately we are teaching you how to fish, not prepping your meal.

Your Purpose. This the reason that you do what you do.

In yoga, your purpose is called a sankulpa. It is the WHY. It’s not the goal, but the reason behind the goal. It’s not the mission, but the fuel behind t...

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